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black bear
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Wildlife officers search for black bear who attacked teen at campsite

Photo: Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

MOAB, Utah — A 13-year-old boy is recovering after he was bitten on the right cheek and ear by a black bear as he slept at a Grand County campground.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources says the teen went to the emergency room in Moab, then was driven to a Grand Junction, Colorado hospital, where he was treated and released.

According to DWR officials, the attack happened around 5:45 this morning at the Dewey Bridge Campground, along the Colorado River. The teen described the black bear that attacked him as being about his size, which the DWR says means it is a smaller bear.

Witnesses last saw the bear heading toward the Colorado River. DWR officers located bear tracks in the sand and mud along the river banks and are continuing to search for the bear. They are also planning to set multiple traps for the animal.

The DWR says because the bear involved attacked a human, it will be euthanized once it is found.