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School’s in, so Mom took a solo trip to Disney World

Photo: Lisa DiNoto | The Castle Run

ORLANDO, Florida — It’s been called the happiest place on Earth, which is probably why Disney World is where Florida mom Lisa DiNoto decided to go after sending her kids off to their first day of school.

“This is what you do after you drop your kids off on the first day of school. You get yourself a pin and you walk it around the Magic Kingdom like some garden gnome on a world adventure,” DiNoto wrote on her blog The Castle Run.

Lisa DiNoto | The Castle Run

DiNoto told Good Morning America that her family lives just about a mile from Cinderella’s castle and says calling them regulars in the Magic Kingdom would be an “understatement.”

Shortly after dropping her kids off and making her way to Disney, she grabbed a pin and wrote down Celebrating 1st Day of School.  She then proceeded to make her way through the park.

DiNoto warned that making the trip solo to Disney World got her stopped plenty of times — with people telling her that she was their life goal.

After getting several positive comments from fellow park goers, DiNoto says her favorite interaction came when she showed Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother what she was there celebrating.

Lisa DiNoto | The Castle Run

Lisa DiNoto | The Castle Run

“She was laughing so hard she was crying and we just started hugging and laughing together,” DiNoto told GMA.

“She reached into her sleeve and pulled out a bag of pixie dust and handed it to me and said, ‘This is for you and only you. You use it today.’ It was one of those moments of connection that is really what the parks are all about,” she said.

The response to her story has been “amazing,” DiNoto says. Even her kids were excited to hear what their mom had been up to when she picked them up after class.

“They were excited for their first day at school and I was excited for some time alone,” she said. “Pickup time came soon enough and all of us had lots of fun sharing the details of our day.”