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Garden City wants new safety measures after second semi crash in a week, third in a year

Photo UT. Highway Patrol

GARDEN CITY, Utah – Garden City leaders are looking at ways to fix a T-intersection on Highway 89 and Bear Lake Boulevard after another major semi-truck blew a stop sign and crashed into some storage units.

It’s the second major accident at that spot involving a big-rig this past week and the third within the last year, following a fatal crash in October. 

The driver of this crash is recovering in the hospital. 

Witnesses like George Vogel think there was an issue with the brakes before yesterday afternoon’s accident. 

“It was apparent at that point that he couldn’t stop. And as we ran over there, of course, the brake smell was just totally evident,” Vogel said. 

Mayor Mike Leonhardt wants to put in a brake check station this week. UDOT may look at installing runaway truck ramp or a cable system to stop semis before they blow the stop sign.