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Utah legislature takes on predatory towing

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SALT LAKE CITY — Imagine parking somewhere for just a minute and then as soon as you return, find your car has been booted or even towed! This isn’t a hypothetical question and the Utah Legislature is taking on.

A new bill would require warning signs to be bigger and much clearer in parking lots to warn people they could be towed. Lehi representative Cory Maloy also wants to take on predatory towing.

“Towers are aggressively going after opportunities to tow vehicles to pad their pockets.”

The manager of Jimmy Johns at 6th East and 4th South in Salt Lake City testified how they have to warn every customer to be careful because if they park in the wrong spot, they’ll be booted with-in minutes.


Rep. Maloy says car owners also need to keep the rules, and just wants to stop predatory practices.

He says one of the big issues is with signage in many parking lots.

“There’s one little sign that’s halfway up a light pole. It’s really small, and you can’t really see it”

Lawmakers will talk about this bill again next month.