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stabbing suspect Joshua Oropeza
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Officers involved in shooting inside West Valley City Hall

Photo: Getty Images

WEST VALLEY CITY — Police in West Valley City have confirmed that a man is dead after an officer-involved critical incident that took place inside West Valley City Hall shortly after 11 pm Friday.


The department corrected initial reports on Twitter that the incident took place inside their police department saying that it happened inside West Valley City Hall in an area that is used to process DUI’s.


Roxeanne Vainuku with West Valley Police says that the suspect who is now deceased was taken into custody and brought to their DUI processing center that is in the basement of West Valley City’s City Hall. There she said an altercation occurred resulting in one officer firing his weapon killing the suspect. Police did not immediately have any further details on what caused the altercation or if the suspect had a weapon.

“During the intake process and the processing of this suspect, an altercation occurred, one of our officers did fire his weapon and struck the suspect. The suspect is deceased,” Vainuku said at a news briefing early Saturday morning.

She described the suspect as a male and that his identification would not be released until the proper notifications were made.

Vainuku says that investigators from SLCPD and the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office are on the scene currently as department protocol is to make sure that an impartial investigation takes place. She also said it is department policy that the officer who shot the man be placed on administrative leave.

Several officers were in that area where the man was sho Vainuku said and were equipped with body-worn cameras. She says that body camera footage of the incident does exist.

Police are expected to release more details on Saturday.


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