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17 year old girl’s shooting death at Taylorsville party now considered ‘suspicious’

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — Unified Police are searching for more information as they investigate the death of a 17-year-old girl Saturday night in Taylorsville.

Officers say the initial information from a 911 call says Kaylissa O’Leary was at a party where people had been playing with a gun and told Kaylissa accidentally shot herself and died.

The story changed over the weekend after investigators have called the death “suspicious.”

“Right now we are investigating this as a suspicious death. Some of the reasons behind that is the party-goers fled the scene. So we haven’t been able to talk to all the people that were there,” said Unified Police Sergeant Melody Gray.

Police do not know how many people were there at the time of the shooting.

As of Monday morning, police did not know who fired the gun. The person who called 911 after the shooting said the teen had shot herself.

The other suspicious detail was the car that she drove to the party, was missing.

Police located the car Monday morning police saying the Honda Civic has been located but did not release any further details on how or where.

O’Leary was a senior at Copper Hills High School. The Jordan School District says counselors will be there throughout the week as needed to help any students.

Authorities are also stressing guns are not something to mess around with. They can easily go off.

They are still looking for others who were at the party. Anyone with information is being asked to call Unified Police at 801–743–7000