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I HEART SLC art piece supporting immigrants on display at this week’s UN conference

The I HEART SLC statue has been moved outside the Salt Palace to greet attendees of the UN Civil Society Conference. The pro-immigrant art piece had previously been in City Creek Park and will be installed in several neighborhoods after the conference is over. Photo: Kelli Pierce

SALT LAKE CITY – The United Nations is holding its Civil Society Conference in Salt Lake City this week, the first time it will be held in the United States outside of New York City. Delegates who go to the Salt Palace downtown will be greeted by an art installation celebrating the city and its immigrants.

The I HEART SLC statue was created two years ago for Immigrant Heritage Month.┬áThe mayor’s Senior Advisor for Arts and Culture Kristian Anderson says they decided to display it during the conference to show delegates what the city is all about.

“How many languages do we speak here? So many. How many people are part of the cultural tapestry? We’re a great community for bringing in outside influences and embracing them,” Anderson says.

The heart part of the statue features stickers of flags from across the globe and messages of support for all immigrants.

Anderson thinks that was a natural fit for the conference.

“People have a pride of place in their homes. We are the hosts here. We want to bring in people from all over the world…and show them why we love Salt Lake City,” Anderson says.

After the conference is over, the statue will be installed in several different neighborhoods in the city on a rotating basis over the next few months.