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North Salt Lake responds to odor complaints

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SALT LAKE CITY — North Salt Lake officials say they have found the source of a “strong and offensive” odor reported by neighbors.  The city says the odor is most pronounced near the Foxboro Neighborhood just off of Center Street.

In a statement to KSL Newsradio, North Salt Lake says they believe the bad smell is coming from the South Davis Sewer District’s plant which is located on Center Street.

Officials at the plant told North Salt Lake that, over the past few weeks, the plant has undergone a comprehensive cleaning of the district’s sanitary sewer digesters. This is a process that occurs nearly every four to five years and produces what the District called “a large amount of wet sludge.” The sludge creates a very strong odor that residents can smell.

Then, the sludge goes through a process of drying that the District says can take several months.

The statement indicates that the South Davis Sewer District is looking into ways to speed up that drying process so that the sludge can be removed more quickly.