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Grief counselors at Copper Hills High after shooting death of a student

(Credit: Paul Nelson)

WEST JORDAN – The search for answers continues in a suspicious shooting in Taylorsville that killed a 17-year-old Copper High School student.  Officers are staying tight-lipped about what they’ve found.  Meanwhile, grief counselors are assisting kids at the school as they try to get back to normal.

Inside Copper Hills High School, students were busy going to class and signing up for clubs.  However, several have reportedly taken advantage of the grief counseling being offered to anyone who needs it.  School officials say even people who didn’t know Kaylissa O’Leary spoke to counselors since her death opened up old traumatic memories.

In the meantime, very little information has been given to the faculty.  Investigators have found the car O’Leary drove to get to the party where she was sot, but officers won’t confirm where it was.  Principal Bryan Veazie says they’ve been asked to help investigators out, if they can.

“The Unified Police Department has asked us is we will keep our ears open,” Veazie says, adding, “If we hear of any discussion here at the school that would lead to information that would be of assistance, we provide that directly to them.”

However, since information is sparse, Veazie says they need to make sure people don’t make up details on their own.

He says, “Also, equally as important in the high schools setting is just making sure that the student body, faculty and staff are dealing with facts.”

Veazie says it’s hard to stop the rumor mill once it gets started.

“When something like this happens, I think students want to understand what has taken place and they want to know the details,” he says.

Detectives hope the autopsy will reveal more details about what led up to O’Leary’s death.