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Victims talk about serial stalker in Layton

Compiled by KSLTV

DAVIS COUNTY — A Utah man with a lengthy history of stalking is back behind bars, but not for long. And his victims say he’ll do it again.

Utah women tell the KSL Investigators that Chad Flitton has been terrorizing them.

Flitton is accused of following teens, girls and women around the state for more than a decade… including a case where girls ran to a restaurant for help.

Marlie Pali says he grabbed her body when she was 18.

“It scares me. And it doesn’t scare me just for what happened to me. It scares me for the others girls that will have to be a victim of him because if he’s not put away, he’s going to continue finding more and more to harm,” said Pali.

“They need to stop just giving him a slap on the hand because the slap on the hand is not doing anything to him. He doesn’t care,” she added.

Flitton has been sentenced to more than 2,000 days in jail. But judges keep reducing that, in favor of ordering Flitton to find treatment, treatment that he has not completed.

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