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voting machine malfunction
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Malfunctioning Mississippi voting machine caught on video

Lawyers representing election integrity advocates filed a federal lawsuit Thursday accusing Georgia election officials of destroying evidence that was "ground zero for establishing hacking, unauthorized access, and potential of manipulation of election results." Photo courtesy of CNN.

LAFAYETTE COUNTY, MS (WAPT) — Elections officials reported polling problems Tuesday during primary election runoffs in Mississippi. One problem included a malfunctioning voting machine that was caught on camera.

Video of the machine was posted on social media. It appears to show a man trying to vote for Republican gubernatorial candidate William Waller Jr.  But the machine would only cast a vote for opposing candidate Tate Reeves.

“Our office was made aware this morning that one TSX machine was malfunctioning in the Republican Primary at the Burgess precinct in Lafayette County,” said Anna C. Moak with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office.

“We contacted the county. The county dispatched a technician to the precinct and the tablet is being replaced. To our knowledge, only one machine was malfunctioning. Apparently, 19 votes were cast prior to the error being detected,” said Anna C. Moak, with the Mississippi Secretary of State’s Office.

The primaries are run by the parties and the voting machines are owned by the counties, Moak said.

Election officials in Lafayette County said they believe the machine was dropped or damaged on its way to the polling location.

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