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Orem apartment shooting
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Police still searching for people involved in shooting near Orem apartments

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OREM – One man is in custody, but the search continues for people who were involved in a shooting near an Orem apartment complex. Police suspect the shots were fired during an argument over drugs.

When officers arrived at the parking garage near Promenade Place on Geneva Road, they found bullet holes in the cement. Somehow, no cars were hit and no one was hurt.

Investigators say they have a better grasp on what happened right before shots rang out.

Orem Police Lieutenant Trent Colledge says, “[Officers] were able to access camera footage that showed two groups of people engaged in what looks like an argument in the parking garage.”

After that, Colledge says people on both sides pulled out weapons, and, “each group took shots toward the other.”

Investigators learned some people involved in the shooting lived at that apartment complex.  They got a search warrant and took four people into custody, but three have been released.  Colledge says 23-year-old Nicholas Jordan was booked into the Utah County Jail on outstanding warrants.

“There were indications of drug activity in the apartment that we located pursuant to the search warrant,” he says.

Officers are still searching for members of the other group that ran away after the shots were fired.

“We have some information that leads us to believe we have a good idea of who they might be,” Colledge says.