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Heber City Police warn of new scam in Wasatch County, Consumer advocates are warning about stimulus check scammers
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Utah businesses targeted by scammers

The Utah Department of Commerce is warning investors to be aware of scams that capitalize on fear and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus. (Photo: Shutterstock)

SALT LAKE CITY – The Utah Division of Corporations is warning business owners that they could be victims of a scam.

Companies have been getting letters in the mail saying they owe $72.50 to get their Certificates of Existence, a piece of paperwork businesses are required to have to legally operate in the state.

The scam form comes in an envelope that looks like it’s official business from the state, with “OPEN IMMEDIATELY” printed on it.

The Utah Department of Commerce announced on Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2019, the state has received multiple reports that misleading letters like this one are being sent to local businesses instructing owners to pay $72.50 for a Certificate of Existence with the state that normally costs $12 each. Officials say the letters are part of an elaborate scam. Utah Department of Commerce

The form itself also has an official-looking seal.

But the state says it’s not from them.

They do not have an office at the Springville address listed on the form, and the fee to get the certificate directly from the Division of Corporations is $12 a year.

Business owners are encouraged to check with the Division of Corporations if they have questions about any forms because it is legal for third party vendors to charge businesses to fill out and file government forms.