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Millcreek and Salt Lake cities find agreement on new boundaries

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SALT LAKE CITY — In the city of Millcreek, Utah, there is a small slice of Salt Lake City. And Millcreek City wants to change that.

The city has some development plans, and it says that the space they share with Salt Lake could impede those plans. Unless the two could find their way to compromise.

And after months of discussion, it looks like they have.

On Tuesday, the city said that an agreement will adjust the boundaries, giving Millcreek jurisdiction over a five-acre parcel north of Brickyard Plaza as well as a traffic roundabout just off I-80 at 23rd East. Millcreek City would also get about five acres north of Brickyard Plaza where they want to build a city center.

Millcreek Mayor Jeff Silvestrini says the deal will make it easier to develop the land along Miller Avenue from 13th East to Highland Drive.

“Anybody that wanted to develop in this area would have to deal with both the Millcreek and the Salt Lake City Planning Commission and zoning ordinances,” Silvesrini told KSL Newsradio.

Brickyard Plaza itself will remain under the jurisdiction of Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake City will collect the property tax revenue from the areas going to Millcreek City. Those total about $61-thousand dollars a year for ten years.

The Mayor of Salt Lake City says she’s happy the cities could work together.

“I”m very grateful the state wasn’t involved,” Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski said, “and that we could just get together and figure out what was really needed.”

There will be a public input process, then both city councils have to sign off on the deal.