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Some evacuation orders lifted for the Snoqualmie Fire

(Credit: Paul Nelson)

LAYTON – People from some parts of Layton are breathing easier now that they can go back to their homes.  Some of the evacuation orders were lifted, while others stayed in place.

By later afternoon, the smoke over the foothills had died down, considerably.  Helicopters had been very busily dropping buckets of water on the flames and the hot spots.

Some residents say they had full confidence in the fire crews and their ability to keep homes protected.

One man says, “My wife was more panicked than I was, but I knew we were far enough south.”

However, others admit they were nervous seeing the flames just above their homes.  One homeowners says, “They weren’t coming out way [at first], but, about an hour and a half later, they really made a lot of progress over the hills and were coming toward us.”  His wife added, “We had about an hour where we watched it and packed a bag and grabbed some important things and put them in the car.  Then, it was, ‘OK, we’re leaving.’”

By 11 a.m., restrictions were lifted on roads like Boulder Drive, 1850 North, 3300 East and Maxine Drive.  However, evacuations stayed in place on Fernwood Drive, Fernwood Circle and Snoqualmie Drive.

When people were allowed to return, they say they felt a huge sense of relief.

One woman says, “We’re grateful that no structures were lost, like they were down in Bountiful.”

By late afternoon, crews say the Snoqualmie Fire had burned 117 acres and was zero percent contained.