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Utah Rep. Ben McAdams talks gun laws, says he owns guns

FILE: Ben McAdams, D-Utah, speaks to the KSL/Deseret News editorial boards in September 2019. McAdams will give a plasma donation to research for an effective COVID-19 treatment -- his second donation since being testing positive in March.

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s only Democrat in Congress says he owns guns and grew up shooting but still wants to consider any option for gun laws that will save lives.

Representative Ben McAdams, D-Utah, told the KSL and Deseret News Editorial Boards that he supports universal background checks for gun buyers, and is willing to look at other laws to stop gun violence.

He said two of his children attend West High School in Salt Lake City, where there was a gun spotted last week.

“It’s scary to get texts from my kids that their school is on lockdown. It’s a scary moment. I’m willing to consider things that will help protect our kids,” said McAdams.

He owns some handguns and rifles and says he grew up shooting.

“I do have good memories of twice going out hunting with my father,” he said, “so for me it’s about family relationships, heritage, memories, and time spent together.”

McAdams also said that he has a friend who owns an assault rifle that he shoots recreationally, and he does not consider him a threat to society.

He was the only Utah house member to vote for the background check bill and was criticized by some. But he explained that he believes background checks are like federal security screenings before getting on a plane. If everybody does it, everybody stays safe.

He’s also willing to consider red-flag laws and limiting high capacity ammunition magazines.