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Gov. Herbert calls special session to address medical marijuana

(AP Photo/Marina Riker, File)

Gov. Gary Herbert is taking more action on medical marijuana in Utah. He is calling for a special legislative session to further address the Utah Medical Cannabis Act.

Lawmakers will be tweaking with the voter-approved medical cannabis initiative.

The special session will address several issues. The most notable change in the law deals with how medical marijuana is handled before it gets to patients.

Gov. Herbert says he wants to make amendments to the Utah Medical Cannabis Act to do away with the requirement that Utah runs the medical marijuana system.

The governor is specifically seeking for the removal of the requirement that the pharmacy and dispensary system be state-run.

The special session may also have a component of a legal urgency.

A few county attorneys told their county health departments they wouldn’t be protected if legal action is taken against them for violating federal law.

Herbert says his administration is committed to ensuring quality, medical-grade cannabis products are available to patients when the program begins in March 2020.

The special session of the Utah State Legislature will begin on Sept 16.