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Vegan neighbor sues over “fishy” smell of barbecue

Photo: Getty Images

PERTH, Australia — An Australian woman has taken her neighbor to the nation’s Supreme Court over the smell of their backyard barbecue, among other things.

Cilla Carden lives in  a suburb of Perth and told 9 News in Australia that the fishy smell of her neighbor’s backyard cooking, along with the smell of cigarette smoke and basketball-playing children, has been “deliberate [and] devastating.”

“They’ve put it there so I smell fish; all I can smell is fish. I can’t enjoy my backyard. I can’t go out there,” she told 9 News.

Carden, who is a massage therapist and a vegan, told the station that she hasn’t been able to use her backyard because of it.

One neighbor told 9 News that they’re trying to keep the peace; they even got rid of their barbecue and asked the children to stop playing basketball.

Carden’s suit was thrown out of court. She says she just wants to live in peace, but that it won’t be the end of her fight. She plans on taking her complaints back to court.