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Police checking whether baby who died was left in hot car

An emergency department sign. Photo: Getty Images

SANTAQUIN, Utah (AP) — Utah authorities are investigating whether a 6-month-old boy who died last month had been left in a hot car.

News outlets’ reports on the child-abuse investigation by Santaquin police did not identify the mother, who has been questioned by police but not charged.

Her phone was the subject of a search warrant affidavit.

Police said the woman took her son to an emergency room where he had a core temperature of 109.8 degrees (43.2 Celsius) and was pronounced dead with rigor mortis already present.

The woman said her baby must have gotten too hot while they were running errands.

Police said there weren’t get any emergency calls about the boy the incident before the ER contacted police.

Santaquin is 54 miles (87 kilometers) south of Salt Lake City.

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