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Kaysville Police look for person flying drone, impersonating them

Photo: Kaysville Police Department Twitter account

KAYSVILLE — Kaysville Police are on the lookout for a person who flew a drone over Davis Technical College pretending to be them.

Problem-Oriented Policing Officer Alexis Benson says they got a call a few days ago reporting the drone.

“The drone had a speaker. It sounded like a recording that advised they were Kaysville Police and [the people on campus] needed to evacuate the area for an emergency,” Benson says.

No one took the message seriously.

Police are interviewing people to try and zero in on a suspect.

Benson says impersonating a police officer is against the law, but it is also dangerous.

“Being at the school, students or whoever is in the area might be concerned that it may be an active shooter scenario. We don’t want to startle anyone,” Benson says.