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Saratoga Springs school
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New Saratoga Springs middle school still not ready

Lake Mountain Middle School rendering, courtesy Alpine School District

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah — Hundreds of students have been waiting to start classes in their new middle school, and it looks like they’ll have to wait even longer because it is still not ready.

Doors were supposed to open Tuesday at Lake Mountain Middle School, three weeks after school started. Delays have plagued the construction since last year.

Hogan Construction says all safety and exit requirements are in place. But, on Monday, the State Fire Marshal did an inspection and was uncomfortable with the amount of work the contractor had left to do.

The Daily Herald says parents were alerted about the delay Monday afternoon but the staff was on hand Tuesday morning in case people didn’t get the message.

They don’t know when it will open. They hope next week.

In the meantime, the 1,300 students will keep using the online learning modules, with help from teachers at Vista Heights Middle School.

Comments from Saratoga Springs parents on the Facebook post include gratitude for making sure the school is completely safe and finished before school starts. They also express understanding for the frustration the staff must be feeling.

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