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Forest service land near Eden, Utah, again littered with tech

OGDEN —  Old television and computer screens have returned to an area popular among target shooters.

And the US Forest Service says it’s a mess.

It’s a plot of land near the city of Eden, in the Ogden Valley.  And it’s littered with old television and computer screens, which are reportedly used for target practice.

The Forest Service says they came across the mess over the weekend. They’ve been battling litter and un-authorized trails there. Almost every week, the Forest Service says they collect a large bag of trash.

Sometimes, it’s a truckload of trash retrieved from the land used by target shooters.

One ranger told the Ogden Standard-Examiner he gathered the TV sets and trash from the target-shooting area and put it on the side of the road for pickup. When he came back, he says, the screens had been further destroyed by other target shooters. Making more of a mess.

“The forest service land is free for people to use,” says Forest Service Fire Prevention Officer Michael Erickson. “But we want people to clean up after themselves,” he said.

Target shooting is legal on Forest Service land.  Forest Service officials just ask that the public collect their trash.