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Utahns weigh-in on gun policy

Guns for sale at The Gun Vault in South Jordan Tuesday, Jan. 5, 2016. (Deseret News file)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The ongoing conversation surrounding gun control policy has seemingly split politicians in Washington.  And a recent Utah Policy Analytics poll shows it’s proving to be a divisive issue in Utah as well.

Overall, Utah tends to lean conservative and the numbers reflect that.

Of those surveyed, 42-percent said they trusted Republicans in Congress to handle gun policy, compared to only 36-percent better trusting Democrats and 22-percent being unsure or having no opinion.

When polling men only the divide increases, with 47-percent trusting Republicans versus only a third of men choosing Democrats. Those who reported they remain unsure as to who to trust totaled 20-percent.

A big change in the numbers occurs when considering only female input.

In that scenario, 40-percent of women reported trusting Democrats in Congress more. Only 36-percent better trust Republicans and 24-percent remain unsure.

The issue of guns in America has become a highly partisan one, and often an individual’s overall political beliefs will mirror their stance on gun control.

For example, 90-percent of those polled identifying as “strong” liberals trusted Democrats more on gun control, while only 1-percent better trusted Republicans and 9-percent were unsure.

That trend is almost identical on the other side of the aisle, as 91-percent of “strong” conservatives reported they trust Republicans more on the issue, versus only 1-percent better trusting Democrats and 9-percent remaining unsure.