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Carbon County Sheriff’s Office investigate Wellington officer-involved shooting

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WELLINGTON – Police are staying tight-lipped, for now, about what led up to an officer-involved shooting in Carbon County which killed a Wellington man.

Investigators say it started with a 911 call and an officer responding to an area near 900 East and Railroad Avenue.

Wellington Police Chief Rory Bradley says, “The dispatch call was just that of a suicidal subject.”

The officer approached Bobby Ray Duckworth and the two got into some sort of confrontation, but, police aren’t releasing details about that, for now.  Duckworth has a criminal history, but Bradley says he wasn’t prominently on their radar.

“There was an incident that occurred earlier this summer with Mr. Duckworth.  That case is also pending in the court system as well,” he says.

Duckworth was charged with misdemeanor assault in July, plus he was found guilty of controlled substance charges in 2014.

Carbon County Sheriff Jeff Wood says this kind of shooting is extremely rare in that part of the state.

“There was an officer involved shooting in Wellington.  It was a Wellington officer in the 90s.  That’s the last one I know of,” Wood says.

The sheriff’s office was still processing the crime scene through Wednesday, and they hope to give their evidence to the County Attorney in the next few days.

Wood says, “We’ll get to the bottom of that and, through our investigation, we’ll figure out what happened.  There is body cam footage and it’s pretty clear what happened.”