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Are you a Newsmaster of the Universe? From Monopoly to money and neighbors to Knoxville how much news of the week do you know?


Maine has become the first state in the Union to change the way that they’ll vote for president. When voters hit the polls in 2020?

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According to USA Today, "Under Maine’s system, voters can rank their choices among the candidates on the ballot —  first, second, third, etc. First choices are then tallied. If no candidate gets 50 percent or more, the bottom candidate is dropped, and the second choice of those voters gets added to the tallies of the remaining candidates. If there is still no candidate with 50 percent or more, then the procedure is repeated, until there is a candidate who has the support of at least 50 percent of the voters. "

There’s new research coming out in the journal Heart released this Monday showed that adults that did this thing once or twice a week had a lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those that didn’t

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Over 3,000 people took part in a study performed by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland looking into cardiovascular health. The participants were grouped on the number of naps they took every week. Those who ended up with the fewest heart attacks were the one that took a nap two times a week.

An Australian woman has taken her neighbor to the nation’s Supreme Court over something that was happening in their backyard. What were her neighbors doing?

Nine News Perth
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Cilla Carden lives in a suburb of Perth Australia and told Nine News Perth that the smells of her neighbor's backyard cooking has made her unable to use her own backyard.

BYU fans created quite an impression on the Knoxville Police Department during their football game against Tennessee. What was it?

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28-year vet of the Knoxville Police Department said that as they were leaving after the all-clear Captain Jeff Stiles and walked out of the stadium there was a big group of BYU fans outside and "they made a path and begin cheering for US! I must have given 100 high fives and heard 'thank you for your service' dozens of times. It was honestly a little odd at first. That’s not the treatment that my brothers and sisters get very often these days, but as much as I expected some foul comment about cops, nothing ever came. Just cheers, smiles, and gratitude. Thank you, BYU Football. I wasn’t necessarily a fan last night, but will be from now on."

Hasbro is launching a new version of Monopoly called " Ms. Monopoly." It includes female trailblazers, addresses the gender pay gap and and replaces the four railroads with this very modern form of transportation.

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This national clothing chain says they will open 800 new locations after they complete their split from the Gap. That would double the number of stores they have. What chain is it?

limited sales
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According to the US Census Bureau what was the AVERAGE middle-class income last year?

Campaign financing reform
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According to the Census Bureau the average middle-class income was $63,000 a year.

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