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Polling suggests support for some forms of gun control legislation

File photo courtesy of Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY — Results of some and Y2 Analytics polling shows Utah voters support some forms of gun control legislation, including stronger background checks, banning sales of military-type semi-automatic rifles and large-capacity magazines.

Some lawmakers are reading the tea leaves and believe some action on guns will be taken.  Utah Senate President Stuart Adams (R-Layton) tells Utah Policy that he is confident some gun control bills will come before the 2020 Legislature.  House Speaker Brad Wilson (R-Kaysville), although appearing not quite as confident, says Utah lawmakers do not shy away from controversy or tough debates, according to Utah Policy.  Wilson also believes the next legislative session will see proposals including but not limited to background checks on private guns sales, which are currently exempt.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert’s office released a statement in response to the Y2 question on extending background checks to all gun sales, saying the Governor agrees with most Utahns that something needs to be done to strengthen background checks so people who intend to do harm to innocent people do not get their hands on a gun.

A red-flag bill that would have allowed a judge to temporarily take away the guns of someone deemed a danger to himself or others in the 2019 Legislature never got a public hearing when GOP leaders did not schedule it.