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Divers search Jordan River in the case of missing Utah woman

New information might have come to light in the 24 year old case of missing Utah Mom Bobbi Ann Campbell. (Photo

New leads in a 24-year-old missing person case led divers associated with a private investigator to search the Jordan River over the weekend.

Bobbi Ann Campbell went missing after dropping off her daughter, Stephanie Farrell, at a friend’s house. New leads in the case suggest the woman may have overdosed at a party in December 1994.

Divers in the Jordan River went searching for clues based on the new leads near Alzheimers Park in Salt Lake City.

Stephanie was just five years old when her mother went missing in 1994. She was on hand Sunday as the divers searched the river bottom.

“Nobody’s mom deserves to go missing and never be found or never have closure,” Farrell told KSL.

“The rumor was that she was wrapped up in a rug and when they first said that they located something, they thought that it was a rug, and it is just really hard to hear that something really happened to my mom,” Farrell said.

Divers recovered what appeared to be a carpet and a beanie as well as a set of old car keys and a pair of earrings.

“We found a set of car keys, old car keys, that possibly could be my mom’s because her car was found right over here and her car keys were never located,” said Farrell.

The family’s private investigator, Jason Jensen, said that Sunday’s dive was a private search and that if anything was found they would alert the police and have them perform an official recovery.

At the time of writing, Sunday’s search yielded no concrete results.