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Davis School District apologizes for shared flyer on ex-employee

The flyer was circulated, causing concern for some at Syracuse High School. Photo: KSL TV

The Davis School District is apologizing after someone accidentally released a warning about an ex-employee in the form of a law enforcement flyer.

The district is apologizing that the information wasn’t kept confidential.

A former employee reportedly made some concerning remarks about murdering other people. The Davis County Sheriff’s Office confirms to KSL they sent a flyer or alert about him to administrators.

But it apparently became shared through social media and through the hallways of Syracuse High School and caused fear.

The employee did not commit a crime and was not arrested, but there were safety concerns and he was fired.

Davis School District statement

“It is standard practice in the Davis School District to share sensitive information with administrators, and to keep that information confidential.

“Unfortunately, this information wasn’t kept confidential. It should have been, and we apologize for that.

“The information involved a former employee who was dismissed from employment after safety concerns arose. In the process, the district reached out to the law enforcement and they have conducted their own investigation.

“The employee hasn’t committed a crime and was not arrested. The district responded the way it did in order to provide a safe environment for its employees and students.”