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Salt Lake is considering closing messy section of 2100 South

(Credit: SLCO Health Department)

SALT LAKE CITY – It has been called an eyesore for decades and some officials in Salt Lake City want it shut down, for good.  Before that happens, city leaders will be asking the public to weigh in.

Illegal dumping has been happening on 2100 South between 6100 West and 7200 West for many years.  Some officials believe since this part of the road is close to the landfill, many people decide to dump their trash along the road instead of paying the proper fees.

“When we did our clean up a year ago, in August, we removed 172 tons of solid waste, and there were approximately 4,000 tires,” according to Salt Lake County Health Department Safety and Sanitation Supervisor Tom Trevino.

(Credit: Tom Trevino)

The problem is more than just ugly.  Trevino says it’s becoming a public health issue since chemicals are seeping into the groundwater.

“It’s in an environmentally sensitive area where there are playas, which are natural waterways,” he says, adding, “Sometimes, there are abandoned vehicles that are leaking oils and fluids and that gets into the water system.  There have been numerous types of hazardous materials that have been picked up, out there.”

Trevino says, in the warmest parts of the summer, the area should be dry.  However, the garbage is making the spot a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitos.

“When you put out a thousand tires and they’re all capturing some water, yes, it’s a significant problem,” Trevino says.

Since this part of the street is dark and not highly used, Trevino says efforts to catch the people dumping their trash haven’t been successful.  Salt Lake City officials say they’re hosting an open meeting on October 8, and they’ll take public comment about whether this part of 2100 South should be closed.