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Teens at the center of a viral homecoming proposal fail in Holladay meet “Grandma” Terry

Highland High teens Karsyn West and Damian Jackson laugh at the home of "Grandma" Terry Lemmon. Jackson had accidentally left a box of cookies and a homecoming proposal sign meant for West on Lemmon's doorstep.

HOLLADAY – Damian Jackson’s homecoming proposal was supposed to go like this:  He would drop off a box of Crumbl cookies and a sign reading, “I’d Crumbl if you said NO,” to Karsyn West’s house.

He really wanted his Highland High School classmate to go to homecoming with him.

But he had accidentally taken the cookies and the sign to 72-year-old Terry Lemmon’s house, instead.

Damian says his phone gave him the wrong coordinates. The next day he contacted Karsyn over Snapchat, and she eventually agreed to go to the dance.

Damian had even given Karsyn another box of cookies to make up for the mistake.

But by that time the homecoming proposal fail had gone viral on social media, with several people in Holladay trying to find the mysterious “Damian J”.

The Highland High sophomores met “Grandma” Terry for the first time Thursday night to laugh over the mistake last week, with Lemmon calling the pair “cute”.

West says the attention has been surprising.

“I didn’t think it was gonna go this far. I thought it kinda just died out when he asked me. It’s a little overwhelming,” West said.