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Dave & Dujanovic

October 2019

President Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria dominated headlines for weeks–the story reaching a fever pitch when Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Pompeo announced a temporary ceasefire after meeting with the president of Turkey. As Pence and Pompeo made the announcement (played live on Dave and Dujanovic), the team scrambled behind the scenes to get reaction from Utah’s Congressional Delegation. At a moment’s notice Rep. Chris Stewart came on the show to give his immediate reaction, really hearing about it for the first time from Dave and Debbie.

A Mexico town few of us knew existed until a week ago had just buried the women and children killed in a massacre by the drug cartel, when residents of that community made the decision to flee for the United States. Emily Langford, a current Southern Utah resident who grew up in La Mora and had family members killed in that ambush, joined Dave and Debbie to react to her family’s mad scramble for the border–her impactful interview punctuated by her decision to ”never go back.”

September 2019

Dave and Debbie dove deep into the vaping epidemic on the week of September 10th. Tuesday, they had the exclusive interview with Sen. Mitt Romney on his call for the FDA to recall e-cigarettes. The next day, the went to the schools. The spoke with Granite School District spokesman Ben Horsely, who dropped a bomb on how many vape devices schools there have confiscated, and also how PARENTS are enabling their kids who use them.

Ben Horsley Clip

Senator Romney Clip