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Jeff Caplan

October 2019

All about the Syria conflict. We have had continuous coverage on this, but this particular instance had four different voices, seven different angles all interweaved together… and I feel it’s a prime example of how we take a complicated topic and break it down into the sum of its parts.

All about the Jazz. Not only was it a rare instance where we lead with sports… but it was also a big announcement for the Salt Lake City area. We get the NBA All Star game in 2023, paired with the season opener it made for some big news. We had Jeff interview Cleon in a surprise to our normal TOH format, and then Paul and Mary on angles all related to the game. Three minutes worth of sports coverage — super rare for a news show!

September 2019

The pacing, the story and the number of voices in this newscast really shows what the afternoon team can do. There are *nine* different voices in this 4-minute selection, with *six* different angles all on one topic: Vaping and how the country is dealing with it. The energy and teamwork in this alone is a perfect example of the high caliber work the Jeff Caplan’s Afternoon News team does every day.

The way this script was made to come to life here is just a sampling of how hard our host, anchors and producers work to get this to sound authentic and newsworthy at the same time. The pace, the imaging and the effortless intertwining of local and national stories on this package was all built and came together in about 30 minutes. It sounds like it took all day to prep.

This newscast hits an overarching theme of the last few weeks: Big fires. Big fires that affected a lot of people. It’s an example of the hard work we do to make sure we’re always bringing our listeners the latest on this continuing coverage… mixing in as many voices as we can get. These were fires that affected a lot of people, and when it comes to the Green Ravine Fire coverage was lead by us, with initial tips from our texters. Then, we threw in some breaking news for good measure.