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Utah city’s gay pride banner sparks debate over public signs

Photo credit: Getty Images.

ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) — Municipal officials in Utah want to reevaluate an ordinance that allowed a gay pride banner to be hung from city light posts on Saturday.

The Spectrum reported banners in St. George for the Pride of Southern Utah festival led to a discussion of possible limits on signage hung from city-owned property.

The festival that drew hundreds of people to St. George also caused online debates about the banners on St. George Boulevard.

The discussion began after an email from Councilwoman Michele Randall, in which she said she was unhappy with the banners. The email was later posted on social media.

Randall’s message says the city council should reconsider allowing “political statements” on municipal property.

Mayor Jon Pike says the policy that likely predates the current council should be reconsidered.