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Democratic reaction to impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON D.C. — Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is reiterating that Congress should start “impeachment inquiries” into President Donald Trump but is stopping short of calling for a start to efforts to remove the president. Still, he calls it “likely.”

Speaking at a campaign event in Davenport, Iowa, the Vermont senator says, “Enough is enough.”

Sanders had previously expressed support for inquiries into the president but expressed reservations that the drawn-out impeachment process would be a political boon to Trump.

For his part, Joe Biden’s presidential campaign says the candidate himself plans Tuesday to call for Congress to impeach President Donald Trump if the administration does not cooperate fully with all ongoing House investigations and subpoenas.

Georgia Rep. John Lewis has endorsed impeachment proceedings in the House after withholding his opinion on the matter for several months.

Lewis said in a speech on the House floor Tuesday morning that “we cannot delay” and now is the time to act.

Lewis is one of the most influential Democrats in his caucus and an ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Lewis said he’s been “patient while we have tried every other path” and “the future of our democracy is at stake.”

Democrats have questioned whether Mr. Trump improperly used his office to pressure the Ukrainian president to investigate political rival Joe Biden’s family. The administration is withholding from Congress a whistleblower complaint at least partly related to that matter. The Trump Administration has said they will release the unredacted tape recording tomorrow, Wednesday.