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Holding Out Help

It is estimated that there are forty to one hundred thousand polygamists living in the Western United States, Canada, and Mexico, with most of them residing around Utah. Tonya, the founder of Holding Out Help, welcomed a family of six to their home after they had fled their polygamous community. She was shocked after hearing their story of being told how to live every aspect of their lives, from what they wore, ate, and read and where child labor and abuse was normal and accepted.

When community members leave or are kicked out, they lose their family, their friends, and their entire social structure. That’s where Holding Out Help steps in. They not only provide unconditional love and acceptance that facilitates healing and hope, but also clothing, therapy, a place to stay, and educational opportunities to aid in reaching self-sufficiency.

If you want to volunteer or come from a polygamous background and need assistance find more information or contact them at

SelectHealth recognizes the pathways to freedom provided by Holding Out Help as another example of how Utah Gives Back.