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‘Lime patrols’ hitting Downtown Salt Lake City on Thursday

Riding Lime scooters on downtown sidewalks will be the focus of a 'Lime Patrol' on Thursday.

SALT LAKE CITY — Heads up pedestrians and those riding scooters in the downtown area on Thursday.  Jonathan Hopkins, Director of Stragetic Development, NW at Lime, announces a ‘Lime Patrol’ on Thursday, October 2 at the Northwest corner of Main St. and 300 South at 11 a.m.  Hopkins says the event is an effort to reduce sidewalk riding in Downtown Salt Lake City.

The electric vehicle company said in a release that the event will ensure scooter users have awareness of local riding rules.  The patrol will also assist new users with scooter parking downtown and how to access the scooter system itself.  The patrol will consist of Lime staff in branded shirts prominently reminding people to “Walk Your Wheels” when in Downtown Salt Lake City.

“Lime strongly supports the Biskupski Administration’s efforts to eliminate sidewalk riding in Downtown and the associated ‘Walk Your Wheels’ campaign. Lime Patrol is in addition to education provided to riders in-app as well as outreach events conducted locally by Lime in which rider rules are taught. Furthermore, Lime continues to collaborate with city officials to implement other best practices for reducing sidewalk riding,” according to the release.

Throughout the entire week, the Lime Patrols will be visible to pedestrians and riders, particularly during peak usage hours.  The release says Lime personnel will answer questions, provide safety tips and advise users of the safest and best legal riding locations. Additionally, Lime Patrol will watch out for and move poorly parked scooters.

“Lime is working together with the City to reduce sidewalk riding in order to ensure safe pedestrian access for all who take advantage of Salt Lake City’s great downtown. Doing this requires working together to establish proper norms for everyone to follow, including Walking Your Wheels when on downtown sidewalks,” says Hopkins.

Nationally, Lime provides over 100 million rides in cities all across the U.S.  Lime serves over 30 countries across five continents, with a total of over 15 million riders.