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Expect delays as crews repair mudslide damage

Recent mudslides in Little Cottonwood Canyon are forcing UDOT crews to perform emergency repairs. (PHOTO: Courtesy of UDOT)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The Utah Department of Transportation is warning drivers in Little Cottonwood Canyon that mudslide repairs will create delays.

There’s debris, rock and mud still along Route 210 in the canyon, which will present crews with a major clean-up task.

“The work is quite extensive,” explains UDOT spokesman John Gleason. “This was a storm that we hadn’t seen in decades.”

Perhaps most concerning is the storm-damaged culverts, which now need to be replaced.

Specifically crews will be installing three new five-foot-diameter concrete pipe culverts to help channel water under the road.

“It’s coming out onto the road and that can be a problem if that goes into the winter season because water on the road means ice,” he explains.

Additionally, crews need to act fast because heavier traffic is on the horizon.

“Ski season is just around the corner,” says Gleason. “There are going to be thousands of recreationalists that are going to be accessing Little Cottonwood Canyon and wanting to get up and down.”

Roads will be down to one lane Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Due to the extent of the damage, crews are expecting lane restrictions to be in place through Thanksgiving.

“There’s a lot of work to be done and that’s why we’re getting on it right away,” he explains. “Just to make sure that we can get all of this work done and all of the repairs in place before winter hits and before people are trying to use the canyons for skiing and snowboarding.”

While crews are working, drivers can expect around fifteen minute delays.

UDOT officials say wide loads over 11 feet are restricted. They must contact the project hotline at (855) 663-6800 to coordinate access.