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Trooper describes dangerous DUI stop, claims driver was going 104 MPH

(Photo: Salt Lake County Jail)

WEST VALLEY CITY – A Utah Highway Patrol Trooper says he’s thankful no one died after an extremely dangerous DUI arrest this weekend.  The driver reportedly was going over 100 miles an hour while he was over three times the legal alcohol limit.

When Sergeant David Moreno saw the display on his radar gun showing a pick-up was going 105 northbound on I-215’s west side near 4100 South, he thought the display was wrong.

“Then, I did it again and then I got the reading of 104,” Moreno says.

Moreno says the driver, Skyler Seabrook, was in the far right lane, making it extremely dangerous for anyone who would have been trying to get off the freeway.  Moreno was worried he would have to get into a high-speed pursuit with Seabrook, but, the driver exited the freeway at 3500 South.  Moreno later found Seabrook in the parking lot of a nearby Best Western hotel.

“A soon as I walked up to the vehicle I was greeted overwhelming odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle.  Then I could see an 18 pack of beers in the back,” he says.

Moreno frequently patrols this part of I-215, and he says there are too many people driving dangerously fast, there.

He says, “I sit there and in five minutes, tops, before I have to go after someone because they’re going 90 plus,” adding, “Just last week, we had a fatality in the very same spot where this person was driving.”

Court records show Seabrook has a history of driving intoxicated.  They say he pleaded guilty to DUI in 2008 and 2009.  His blood-alcohol level was reportedly .176% on Sunday.