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Layton Hills Mall shooting
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US Marshalls shoot, wound suspect at the Layton Hills Mall

Police crowd the parking lot of the Layton Hills Mall after US Marshalls shot and wounded a suspect outside the JC Penney. Photo: Kelli Pierce

UPDATE: Man involved in Layton Hills Mall shooting has died



LAYTON, Utah – US Marshalls have shot and wounded a suspect in the parking lot of the Layton Hills Mall.

The marshalls had been tracking the 28-year-old man Tuesday afternoon, who was wanted on several felony warrants in multiple cities in Utah, including for aggravated robbery.

Matthew Brooks with the US Marshalls Service says they believed he was armed, which is why they waited until he left the mall and got to the parking lot.

But when Marshalls confronted him outside the JC Penney, Brooks says he ran away and got into his car.

“He ran towards his vehicle, got in the vehicle, and started ramming [law enforcement] vehicles. As our police vehicles approached, he continued to ram our police vehicles, and vehicles adjacent to his vehicle,” Brooks says.

Brooks says that’s when US Marshalls opened fire, wounding the suspect, who was then taken to the hospital.

No other person appears to be injured, including the woman who had been with the suspect at the mall.

The Davis County Incident Protocol Team is investigating what happened.