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Illegal gambling operation busted in Millcreek

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MILLCREEK, Utah – A commercial truck driver’s license school in Millcreek is shut down after investigators say the business masked an illegal gambling operation.

On the front door of what used to be known as Salt Lake CDL, there’s a pink sign showing it has been closed by Salt Lake County.  Plus, there’s an eviction notice on the glass.

(Credit: Paul Nelson)

People who worked nearby say they thought something illegal was happening there.  One woman says the business seemed relatively quiet during the week, but, on Saturday, it was extremely busy.

She says, “People had erratic behavior.  There were guys throwing knives.”

There was one instance when one of her employees went inside and saw what was happening.

“The semi was parked in front of the building.  So, she went over next door to ask them to move the semi.  She said she saw people playing games and it smelled funny in there,” that woman says.

The gambling wasn’t necessarily a well-kept secret.  Unified Police Investigators say one person even advertised it on his Facebook page.

(Photo: Facebook)

Officers were called to the business near 4100 South West Temple Wednesday morning.  When an officer approached people standing outside, two of them reportedly ran into the business and locked the door.  One man, who had a fugitive warrant out for his arrest, reportedly tried hiding in the ceiling.

Detective Kevin Mallory says officers issued a warrant and took seven gambling machines away, along with some illegal drugs.  They’re not certain if the licensing business was strictly a front for the gambling operation.

“We’re still just trying to figure out how much is legitimate and how much [came from] gambling,” Mallory says.

At first, five people were detained, although two of them were released rather quickly.  Mallory says they got some helpful information during the other interviews they had.

He says, “At this point, no formal arrest have been made because there was some information that was developed that generated some additional leads.”