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Dave and Debbie want to hear from you! What’s keeping you away from our National Parks? Give us a call at (801) 575-7668 and listen in at 10:30 and hear your comments on the air.

Zion National Park is reporting well over a half-million monthly visitors to its park from May through September and those numbers don’t look like they’re slowing down, but Utah’s other 4 parks are showing some dips in visitation from the end of August in 2018 to August of 2019.

Arches slipped just 0.33% in visitation

Bryce dropped by nearly 3%

Canyonlands had a drop of 1.25%

Capitol Reef had saw a dip in visitors of 1.63%.

Debbie thinks it’s got something to do with the cost of staying nearby. What do you think? What’s keeping you away from our National Parks? Is it because a stay is too expensive, is it because you’re hearing that they’re too crowded? Or is it something else?

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