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deployed weight loss surprise homecoming
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Utah woman loses 83 pounds while husband is deployed

SALT LAKE CITY — A soldier’s homecoming included a big surprise, but not in the way you think. Marci Cornaby surprised her husband with a major weight loss win while he was deployed.

Sergeant First Class Thomas Cornaby broke out with a huge smile when he caught sight of his wife waiting by baggage claim at Terminal 1.

“She looks outstanding! But she’s always looked good,” he told KSL.

weight loss homecoming soldier surprise

Photo: Mary Richards

They hugged and laughed and she told him how much weight she lost over the last ten months.

“83 pounds, my dear!” said Marci.

“Wow,” he responded, “That’s like a whole person!”

Thomas Cornaby was deployed to Poland and Germany, doing public affairs for the Army Reserves. This was his 4th deployment.

They would text, call and FaceTime and he knew she was working on being healthier, but he was still surprised.

“It’s amazing, it’s amazing. I would have taken her anyway. This is good; it’s good for her, it’s good for everybody,” he said.

They say they now plan to stay healthy together.

“Tom really likes bike riding, and so I want to ride bikes with him. One thing I’ve started doing is walking the dog every day. Now we can walk the dog together,” said Marci.

Marci says her fourth-grade students in American Fork encouraged her and helped her count down to the homecoming day.