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Cops say burglars are busy during the day

Salt Lake City Police say more homes are being broken into in broad daylight. (PHOTO: KSL Newsradio)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah —┬áMore and more homes in eastside neighborhoods are being robbed in broad daylight.

Most people would expect an attempted home invasion to take place at night, but cops say burglars are changing their habits.

They’re going through neighborhoods during the day in hopes of finding a vacant home with the owners busy at work or running errands.

Apparently, they’ve found success.

Cops say these burglars will go down the line until they find what they’re looking for.

“These are folks that are on foot or bicycle,” explains Sgt. Keith Horrocks. “They’re knocking on doors.”

The golden ticket is if no one answers the door and no lights are turned on.

“Once they determine nobody is home, they’re traveling to the backyard to either break a window or enter through unlocked areas in the back,” says Sgt. Horrocks.

The burglars might not have any specific target in mind, they just want to get in and out with the least amount of attention.

According to police, the only way to get more eyes watching out for suspicious activity is to spread awareness.

This is where a stay-at-home neighbor can become your best defense.

If you don’t know your neighbor, it’s also a great opportunity to spark a conversation.

“We advocate getting out there and getting to know your neighbors,” he explains. “Getting to know who’s in your neighborhood so again you’re familiar with who’s there and who shouldn’t be there.”

Sgt. Horrocks says it’s a good idea to share schedules and figure out what time someone can be “responsible” for keeping an eye out on the area.

In the digital age it’s also possible to connect on social media and set-up neighborhood groups to better coordinate efforts.

Salt Lake City Police didn’t have specific numbers regarding the rise in home invasions, but they said the spike, paired with similar tactics, is enough to raise concern.