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South Jordan City: Water isn’t an immediate health issue

Photo courtesy of Deseret News

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah — South Jordan City authorities are telling residents that water is not a source for resident health concerns.  This coming after some residents were complaining about getting rashes.  Crews tested 30 different elements at 20 sites over two days, according to a press release sent out Wednesday night.

“Our water in South Jordan is safe to use and to drink,” said Rachael Van Cleave, public information officer for the City. “Our residents can feel comfortable with the quality of water we have in our City.”

Other organizations are awaiting their own test results, but South Jordan City officials believe those results will mirror those same conclusions.

“We partnered with state and county organizations to ensure our water is safe,” Van Cleave said. “Our next step is working with those partners to determine a cause for what’s going on with our residents.”

Van Cleave adds that any resident can report symptoms they may have to and click the “Report Symptoms” button.

The City recently reported an estimated cost for the tests at $6,000, but with rush fees and when all testing was completed, the cost ended up being more than $11,000, according to the press release.

To see the report results, visit