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More movies and TV being filmed in Utah

HBO's "Westworld" production set in Utah. "Westworld" will film scenes from its second season in Utah this year. (Photo: Provided by Utah Film Commission, HBO)

SALT LAKE CITY, Ut — Chances are you’ve seen a new movie or television show filmed in Utah recently. That’s because the state is seeing large growth in film productions.

The Utah Film Commission says it’s because of Utah’s variety of scenery, as well as incentives and available talent.

A new report by Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development, which encompasses the Utah Film Commission, says that since 2015, total dollars spent on film productions in Utah more than doubled to about $87-million dollars.

Those productions include movies for theatrical release, made for TV movies, and TV shows from HBO to Disney to The Hallmark Channel.

State officials are courting bigger production companies, and longer-lasting productions to provide more jobs. But they say they also have to compete with other locations that offer better tax breaks.