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Police release another 911 call suggesting the possibility of a shooter at Lone Peak High School

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — Police have released a second 911 call from Friday, October 25th, between an emergency operator and the father of a student at Lone Peak High School in Highland, Utah.

In the call, a father reports what his daughter had texted him. His daughter is a student at Lone Peak High School.

“My daughter just sent me a text and says there’s a shooter in the high school,” the caller says. “She said some kids came running into her classroom saying someone had a gun and was shooting.”

Throughout the phone call, the 911 operator continues to gather information from the father, including whether his daughter knows what kind of gun may be involved and the daughter’s location within the school building.

Utah County dispatchers tell KSL that Lone Peak Police were already at Lone Peak High School when this second call to 911 came in.

And Lone Peak police released a statement via Facebook, admitting that there had been a communication error and that it originated from their office.



(This story will be updated.)