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ggirl gets new bike from West Jordan Police Department
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West Jordan police replace girl’s bike and helmet after auto pedestrian accident

(photo: West Jordan PD)

WEST JORDAN CITY— West Jordan police officers have replaced a young girl’s bike after she was hit by a car near Joel P. Jensen Middle School.

Sargent J.C. Holt said officers and school officials teamed up to replace Camille’s bike and helmet out of pocket. “Her bike was just demolished as a result of the accident. The officers just thought it would be a nice gesture to replace the bike,” said Holt.

Camille was injured a few weeks ago when a car hit her while she was riding her bike home from school. Holt says she had some pretty serious injuries and had reconstructive surgery on her left ear after the accident.

“She really just had injuries across her body, just was beat up from the collision,” Holt explained. He said her injuries could have been much worse.

“Without the helmet those injuries probably could have been deadly, she could have lost her life very easily,” Holt said.

Officers encourage anyone that’s riding a bike, especially children to wear a helmet. Holt says Camille is recovering now and went back to school.

The crash is believed to have been an accident. Holt says the driver was cooperative with police.

He says it’s a reminder for drivers to be extra careful around school zones.