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Utah's northern mountains
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Utahns urged to stay indoors during record-breaking low temperatures

Photo courtesy of Getty Images. Snow capped Wasatch mountains under a full moon. Mount Timpanogos can be seen towering over Utah city lights glowing in Lehi, American Fork, Pleasant Grove, and Lindon.

SALT LAKE CITY – The low temperatures on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning are expected to hit the teens along the Wasatch Front. But it could feel colder.

National Weather Service meteorologist Monica Traphagan says that’s because of wind gusts, which could reach 40mph.

“You would see windchills certainly in the single digits,” Traphagan says.

In these conditions, frostbite can set in within minutes if someone is not dressed warmly enough. Hypothermia can also set in within half an hour.

That’s why Utahns from Logan to St. George are urged to stay indoors with the heat on as much as possible.

These cold temperatures could also stick around longer than anticipated.

“Inversion conditions [could] develop, which would stop it from warming as quickly as it should,” Traphagan says.

Homeowners are also being encouraged to drain their sprinkler systems and swamp coolers, bring in delicate plants, and make sure pets stay indoors.

Everyone is being asked to make sure elderly relatives and neighbors are keeping their heat on.