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Cache County car owners get fake letters on windshields that threaten jail time

(Cache County Sheriff's Office website)

LOGAN – Was it a joke, or a possibly lazy way to steal a car?

The Cache County Sheriff’s Office is getting dozens of complaints about a fake letters being placed on vehicles in one part of Logan.  The letters are telling people that they have to turn over their cars to police, or possibly go to jail.

Dozens of people have called into the department saying a letter, supposedly signed by Sheriff Chad Jensen, was placed on their windshield informing them that their vehicle was subject to impound and that they were ordered to take their car to the Cache County Sheriff’s Office in Logan.

Jensen says, no, that’s not his signature and, no, they don’t operate that way.

“We don’t impound cars by letter to make you bring your car to us,” he says, adding, “If we impound a car, it will be picked up by a legitimate tow service.  Notification will be made to the owner of where their car got impounded to.”

He says one of the more obvious signs the letter was fake was its final sentence that reads, ““Please be advised that no crying or bellyaching will be tolerated.”

Jensen says, “The ‘bellyaching’ crack on the last sentence was kind of nice.”

The letters were reportedly passed around in an older part of the city, where parking may be more of a problem.

“Things like this tend to really worry some of the older folks in our community, and I don’t want them to worry that anything is coming back to them,” Jensen says.

Investigators are still puzzled as to why anyone would pass them out.

Jensen says, “I don’t know if it was a prank, I don’t know if it was somebody who is frustrated with the parking in that area.”