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Homeowners use Christmas tree to draw attention to pothole

A group of homeowners who were fed up with a gaping pothole in their Atlanta neighborhood decided to decorate the eyesore in hopes of grabbing the city's attention. Photo: WGCL

ATLANTA — All they want for Christmas is a smooth ride and some pothole repair.

Homeowners in Atlanta are hoping that their festive gathering will help draw the attention of a big pothole that has been an issue in their neighborhood.

“Instead of being negative and screaming and stomping our feet and being ugly about it, why not have fun with it and still get attention and get the job done so it’s not so dangerous for the neighborhood,” Sharon Magruder told WGCL in Atlanta.

And have fun they did. The group of concerned neighbors gathered around the pothole and decorated it with a Christmas tree and even gathered on the road to sing carols.

When asked, Fulton County told WGCL the county is monitoring the situation saying:

Roads and Drainage crews will fill in the hole with an asphalt patch when the weather permits. In the meantime, the county has secured the site with barricades and safety tape to alert motorists and pedestrians. The county will continue to monitor the situation until the street is repaved.